Product ID: A0729
Vials 10 x 5,0 ml

Pluryal Mesoline BodyContour is a powerful Mesotherapy product designed as an ideal alternative for non-surgical fat dissolving treatments. Pluryal Mesoline BodyContour improves the appearance of the skin by reducing fine lines, wrinkles and scars. This Mesotherapy product holds active ingredients such as Phosphatidylcholine 5% and Deoxycholic Acid 2,4% with the ability to redefine the shape of the face and body areas by targeting fat deposits in the lower third of the face as well as the body, abdominal area, knees, thighs and buttocks. To achieve the best results the treatment should be performed in a course of 4-6 sessions with a 15-day interval. This product can be used in microneedling or as an injection treatment.Pluryal-Mesoline-Bodycontour-5ml-1