Product ID: A0818
Jar 1 x 15 g

Innoaesthetics Eye Revitalizer (Derma) is a cream for periorbital rejuvenation designed to revitalize the eye area. The cream is a specific anti-aging treatment for the eye contour including the eyelids and the areas around the eyes by visibly reducing eye puffiness, dark circles and crow’s feet. The product holds active ingredients such as Peptides, Flavonoids and Smart GPS®. The advanced composition reduces dark circles due to the promoting venous return, improves elasticity and relaxes the facial muscles, which also helps to diminish crow’s feet and lines around the eyes. Apply Innoaesthetics Eye Revitalizer on the periorbital area and massage it gently into the skin in circular motions.Innoaesthetics-Eye-Revitalizer-Derma