Product ID: A0819
Bottle 1 x 70 ml

Innoaesthetics Hair Lotion (Derma) is a lotion to boost hair growth and reduce hair loss. The product is designed to enhance hair quality, hair density and improve the strength of the hair. The hair lotion effectively stimulates blood flow in the hair follicles and nourishes the scalp while promoting hair growth, giving the hair volume and density. The product holds active ingredients such as Aminexil, Saw Palmetto, Nicotinamide, Biotin, Zea Mays, (PPF) Phyto-Peptide Fractions from Curcuma Longa, and Smart GPS®. This combination of active ingredients stimulates microcirculation and bulb nourishment. Innoaesthetics Hair Lotion regenerates the hair follicles and reinitiates the hair cycle with the qualities of repairing and restoring the hair follicles. The Lotion should be applied every night and massaged gently into the scalp without rinse-off.Innoaesthetics-Hair-Lotion-Derma