Product ID: A0725
Vials 5 x 5,0 ml

Pluryal Mesoline Antiox is a facial and hair care Mesotherapy product designed to revitalize the skin, hair and scalp. Pluryal Mesoline Antiox fights free radicals, regulates greasiness and prevents hair loss. This Mesotherapy product holds active ingredients such as 4 antioxidants, 4 amino acids and 2 minerals with the ability to make the skin and hair look more healthy, strong and glowing. Apply Pluryal Mesoline Antiox on the face, neck, neckline, hair and scalp. The effects are immediate and visible from the first session. To achieve the best results the treatment should be performed in a course of 5 sessions with a 10-day interval. For maintenance repeat the course every 6 months. This product can be used in microneedling or as an injection treatment.Pluryal-Mesoline-antiox-5ml-2